A little about me…

At the age of 10 I strummed the guitar for the very first time and fell in love. Ever since that moment, creating and performing music has been the most consistent, joyful expression of my life.

My musical background is as varied and adventurous as my music taste: I started off as the kid lead guitar player in a teenage cover band, played drums in another, discovered that I could sing and led worship in several churches, started focusing on acoustic guitar, wrote and recorded original music with a band of friends and mentors, went off to college, traveled the world, got married, then returned to the States to start my own wedding/event music business.

Up until present day, my music has travelled fast and far by word of mouth. I have been blessed with music opportunities through the magic of my listeners and the kindness of their recommendations. Meeting people at gigs and events and hearing their stories has been (and remains!) the highlight of what I get to do.

Seeing my music make others happy inspires me daily. This year – 2022 – is the year I’m going to try getting with the times and finally hop online like my fans and clients have suggested (and deserve!). Welcome to my first baby steps into a new frontier!

Thank you for your patience as this old soul learns to navigate the ins and outs of a new website. Stay tuned for a more consistent presence on social media! I will be sharing covers, events, originals, behind-the-scenes photos and more in the following months.

I appreciate and value every one of you who have pushed me to expand the music I love so dearly. My ability to be a traveling musician has relied completely on your goodness and generosity over the years. Your support and sincerity have built my successful little business by word alone, up until now, and I am ready to reach higher. I owe this all to you. I can’t wait to see what we can achieve in the future!

Come say hello at my next gig! If you are reading this, you have my personal invitation. I would love to connect over music and give you a hug of thanks for listening (if you are a hugger, like me).

With sincerest gratitude,

Jordan Alikraish

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.

Victor Hugo

I am honored that you have chosen my music for your wedding or event

Trusting anyone is hard. Trusting a musician with entertaining your loved ones, friends, family, and guests is even tougher. Your time, ears, relationships, reputation and hard-earned money are all investments I truly respect.

You can expect my utmost care and attention throughout our time together. My goal is to deliver meaningful, memorable music experiences that go beyond expectations. Like my sweet Southern momma taught me: I always leave a room better than how I found it. Allow me to leave smiles and good vibes through the power of some good tunes.


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